Activating your email account to muConnect powered by Google
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Activating your email account to muConnect powered by Google

Miami University has reached an agreement with Google that allows us to migrate their email accounts from the current Miami Exchange environment to our new student email/calendar system called muConnect powered by Google.

Some advantages of the new system include:

  • A lifetime email account through the University

  • A substantially greater amount of storage than is presently provided

  • Ability to collaborate with the Miami student community through Google services.


To migrate from Exchange to muConnect powered by Google

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Log in using your UniqueID and MUnet password.

3. On the next screen, click Continue to begin the migration process.

Note: If you forward your email to another account (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) this process will disable that forwarding and you will need to re-enable it in your new muConnect powered by Google mail settings. For more information, see Forwarding email from a Miami account to another email address (muConnect powered by Google).

4. Before you can access your email, you must read and accept Google's Terms of Service.

Note: If you choose not to accept the Terms of Service, you will need to contact the Miami IT Services Support Desk at 513-529-7900 to continue to use the email/calendaring account previously created for you using Miami's Microsoft Exchange service. This account will be active for you while you are a student at Miami, but will no longer be active once you graduate or leave the university. This means you will not be able to participate in Miami's lifetime email program.

5. Click I agree to these terms to accept the Google Terms of Service and continue.

Your new Miami lifetime email and calendar account has been successfully created. You may now access your email by clicking the link in myMiami.

Please continue using your address to send and receive email. Any email messages that are sent to you at will automatically be forwarded to your new muConnect powered by Google account. Any sent or received messages that are in the old Miami Exchange system can be accessed until January 4, 2011 by visiting

If you haven't already done so, you will need to decide what you want to do with the messages in your old Exchange account. You can:

Symptoms: configure email

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