Installing the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
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Installing the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

These instructions guide you through installing the latest VPN client.

Note: If you are upgrading your VPN client, you may need to remove previous versions. To remove the previous version, open Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel and select the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client as the program to remove.


Install the VPN Client Software From Miami's VPN web site

You can obtain the latest VPN Client software from Miami's VPN web site:

    1. Navigate to Log in with your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password.

    2. Upon successful login, your web browser should begin installing the latest VPN Client to your computer.

NOTE: Mac OS X clients require Java for automatic installation to complete successfully. If Java is not installed on your system, you will see a link in the lower left corner which reads Inactive Plug-in. Click this link to auitomatically install Java using Apple Software Update. If prompted to accept any certificates from, select Trust. If prompted to allow access to your computer from an applet on, select Allow. You may need to relaunch your browser and repeat step 1 above to complete the installation.

After it is finished installing, the client will automatically connect.

VPN is now installed on your computer. On Windows, you can locate it by opening the Start menu and selecting All Programs. Cisco AnyConnect VPN client will now appear in the list under Cisco. On OS X, you can find it in the /Applications/Cisco folder.

CAUTION: If you are running Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7, you must launch the program as an administrator in order for the AnyConnect client to install properly. To do so, right click the Internet Explorer 8 icon and select Run as administrator.

Alternate Install Methods

Self Service Installs via Configuration Manager (Windows) and Casper (OS X)

Self Service installs are available for faculty and staff computers using the Configuration Manager Application Catalog (Windows) and Casper Self Service (OS X). Use the links below for more information:

Requesting Software using the Configuration Manager Application Catalog

Obtaining Software for University Mac OS XComputers (Casper Self Service)

Miami Software Utilities Page

Standalone installers for both Windows and OS X are available at Miami's Software Utilities page. After downloading, run the installer and after completion use as the connection address.


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