Miami UniqueIDs and MUnet passwords
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Miami UniqueIDs and MUnet passwords

The Miami UniqueID and MUnet password are used to sign in to the vast majority of Miami systems including email, myMiami, and BannerWeb. You can find your Miami UniqueID on the web using the Miami UniqueID Lookup or from the Electronic Directory. You can change your default MUnet password at .See details below.

(YourUniqueID is NOT the same as your Banner ID. Please see Finding your Banner plus (+) number)

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Determining Your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password

All faculty, staff and students are assigned a Miami UniqueID and MUnet Password. These credentials are used to sign in to the vast majority of Miami systems including email, myMiami, and BannerWeb. 

Helpful hint: Your UniqueID forms the first part of your Miami email address:

Miami UniqueID

The Miami UniqueID is generated using data from Human Resources or Registrar files. It generally consists of:

First 6 characters of last name
+ First initial
+ Middle initial

Example: The UniqueID for John Q. Public would be PublicJQ.

Note: Some UniqueIDs do not follow this pattern. For example, if the sequence results in a UniqueID that already exists, a number is substituted for the last character(s).

If you don"t know your Miami UniqueID, you can find it on the web using:

MUnet Password

By default, your MUnet password is derived from your birth date and Social Security Number as follows:

2 digit birth month
+ 2 digit birth day
+ last 4 digits of your Social Security Number OR last 4 digits of your Banner ID number (sometimes referred to as your Banner "plus" number).


  • A birthdate of March 1 and a Social Security Number of 123-45-6789 results in a default MUnet password of 03016789. 
  • A birthdate of March 1 and a Banner ID number ending in 1234 results in a default MUnet password of 03011234.


If your password is at the default value, you will be required to change it after logging into a web-based service. Please see MUnet passwords must be changed if at the default value for details on this requirement. You can change your MUnet password at

Please see the related items below for help if you have forgotten your password or the default password does not work for you.

Search for your name and find your UniqueID:

This option is NOT available if you have opted out of the Directory.

Note: Incoming students are not listed in the directory until August 1.

  1. From, ensure that the Search People option  is selected, then enter your name, as you gave it to the Registrar, Academic Personnel Services, or the Department of Human Resources.

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  2. Directory results will appear. If more than one name matches, select the correct name from the list.

  3. Look for the [UniqueID] line in your entry.

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