Accessing BannerWeb
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Accessing BannerWeb

BannerWeb provides web-based access to Miami's Banner administrative system and is used for real-time course registration, checking midterm or final grades, updating personal contact information, and for viewing certain financial data.

To access BannerWeb, log in to myMiami and click the BannerWeb link. See details below.


Use myMiami to Log Into BannerWeb

In order to access BannerWeb, log in to myMiami, the main portal for Miami"s web-based services.

1. Visit and log in using your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password. (If you do not know your Miami UniqueID or MUnet password, see Miami UniqueIDs and MUnet passwords.)

2. Click the BannerWeb link either from the Quick Tools area...

 Inline Image

...or from the Miami Web Page Index (Quick Links) module.

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If you encounter an error, please contact IT Help at (513) 529-7900 or

Symptoms: register for classes or check financial information

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