Using Batch Create to Convert Multiple Files to PDF (Adobe Acrobat)
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Using Batch Create to Convert Multiple Files to PDF (Adobe Acrobat)

To batch-convert multiple document formats into PDF formats, use the Batch Create Multiple Files option in Adobe Acrobat. See details below.

Note: Screen captures in this solution reflect Adobe Acrobat X Pro for Windows. Other versions of Acrobat may differ in appearance or functionality.


At times, it is necessary to quickly convert multiple mixed-format files into Portable Document Format (PDF) so that they can then be merged into a unified single PDF document. This task is usually accomplished with Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat is available in many university computer labs. For locations and other details, see Computer Labs or Computers and Printing in the Libraries.

Note: Adobe Acrobat must be installed on your computer before you begin. The free download of Adobe Reader does not include this functionality.

About Batch Create

On Windows computers, Adobe Acrobat's Batch Create feature allows you to convert two or more non-PDF files into individual PDFs. Supported files include Microsoft Office documents and image formats such as JPEG or TIFF. Because the conversion process first opens the file in its original format, the corresponding application must also be installed on your machine (e.g. Microsoft Word to open .doc or .docx files.)

To convert multiple mixed-format files into individual PDFs:

1. In Acrobat, click File, then Create, then Batch Create Multiple Files.

 Inline Image

The Batch Create Multiple Files... dialog box opens.

2. Click Add Files... and browse to select each file in turn. Files appear in a list, as shown below. Order of files does not matter, as each file will be converted to an individual PDF.

  • To delete a file from the list, click Remove.

     Inline Image

3. When you have added all files, click OK. The Output Options dialog box opens.

 Inline Image

  • Default settings will retain the original file names (although with the PDF file extension) and locations. If desired, change the target folder and file names.

4. Click OK. A progress bar appears. When the progress bar closes, the individual PDFs have been created and saved to the designated location.

If desired, you can then combine the multiple PDFs into a single unified PDF document. See Combining Multiple PDFs into a Single PDF (Adobe Acrobat) for details.

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